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Dental Implants In Fort Lee, NJ

Dr. Michael Zampieri strives to preserve your natural teeth, but teeth extraction is sometimes necessary. By being involved in every step of the dental implant treatment process, our dentist can help you overcome the aesthetic and health detriments of missing teeth. Zampieri Dental Care provides dental implant restoration in Fort Lee, Edgewater, and the surrounding communities.

Dental Implant Placement

Dr. Zampieri begins treatment by assessing whether patients qualify for dental implants, and analyzing the best method for placement. Implant posts are the artificial roots which support the implant restoration. The success of the post’s addition to the smile determines the success of the restoration, and well-placed posts are second only to natural teeth regarding the effectiveness of the restoration.

Our cosmetic dental services in Fort Lee include placing the implant posts. Once surgically added to the jaw, these titanium rods fuse into the bone over the course of a healing period. Integrated posts are inseparable from the jaw and provide the resilient support that makes implants one of the strongest restoration options available.

If you require bone grafting or desire non-standard implant posts, then Zampieri Dental Care will coordinate your dental implant placement with a trusted oral surgeon, providing you with the optimal care that we can deliver.

Dental Implant Restoration

The dental implant abutment and restoration are added to the implant post once the healing period after placement is complete. The dental implant restoration is the visual portion of your new teeth. This prosthetic directly contributes to the image of your smile and your ability to chew. The abutment connects the restoration to the implant post. Temporary abutments are placed to facilitate the healing process and are later replaced.

Zampieri Dental Care helps patients in the Edgewater-Fort Lee area through dental implant restorations. Dr. Zampieri uses the same-day CEREC fabrication system to provide patients with quick, quality, and natural looking crowns for single tooth restorations. For prosthetics that are supported by multiple implant posts, our trusted local lab crafts restorations fitted to patients’ unique bites.

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Zampieri Dental Care provides dental implant placement and restoration in Fort Lee. For more information about how we restore smiles in the Edgewater-Fort Lee area, schedule an appointment at our practice today!